Texas Monthly Recommends: An Old-fashioned General Store in Houston

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General stores may seem like a small-town, anachronistic artifact, long since wiped out by big-box competitors. But the centuries-old business model lives on in Houston’s Henderson & Kane General Store.

— José R. Ralat

Henderson & Kane Grindhouse Burger pure and classic

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Maybe this piece should be called Burger Thursday, because that is the one day of the week on which Henderson & Kane grills up its Grindhouse Burgers. They use locally raised 44 Farms beef for the patties, a feature of the corner general store’s focused regional inventory.

— Alison Cook

The Texas Bucket List – Henderson & Kane General Store in Houston

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Houston⁠—In the historic 6th ward of Houston, you’ll find this neighborhood store attracting all sorts of customers. That includes furry friends just looking for someone to throw them a bone.

— The Texas Bucket list

Old Sixth Ward’s Henderson & Kane General Store serves barbecue with a side of tradition and history

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The Old Sixth Ward just west of downtown may be Houston’s best-kept secret. This tiny pocket of mostly late-19th-century Victorian homes is easily missed by those of us zooming past on Memorial to the south and a raucous stretch of Washington to the north.

Barbecue tray with brisket, sausage, pulled pork, turkey and pork ribs
— J.C. Reid

Listen: Selling legit barbecue in an Old Sixth Ward neighborhood shop

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Henderson & Kane General Store is a hand-in-glove fit in Houston's Old Sixth Ward. A project from El Burro & the Bull barbecue owners John and Veronica Avila, it looks and behaves like an old neighborhood mercantile with nostalgic charms that echo the ward's Victorian homes.

Veronica and John Avila, owners of Henderson & Kane General Store
— Greg Morago

Henderson & Kane General Store opens in Old Sixth Ward

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For years John and Veronica Avila have shared a soft spot for Houston's old Sixth Ward. They admired the feel of the neighborhood with its Victorian homes, brick streets, and charming character tucked just off the Washington Corridor.

Henderson & Kane General Store
— Greg Morago

Family dining: Step back in time with a trip to Henderson and Kane General Store in Old Sixth Ward


We took our time machine and landed at Henderson and Kane General Store. Look at this restaurant in Old Sixth Ward.

Henderson and Kane General Store interior
— Jill B. Jarvis

Barbecue Favorite to Take Over Historic Building in Houston’s Second Ward — a New El Burro & the Bull is Coming

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Four years ago, El Burro & the Bull slid into Houston’s Conservatory food hall and quickly became the downtown destination for barbecue. Headed by restauranteurs John and Veronica Avila, the small but mighty food stand was just what hungry downtown diners were looking for – a classic barbecue joint that tipped its (cowboy) hat to the flavors that make Texas. . . well. . . Texas.

John and Veronica Avila posing for a photo
— Virginia Reynolds

Henderson & Kane serves barbecue, dinner and locally sourced goods in the historic Sixth Ward

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At Henderson and Kane streets in Sixth Ward, just a few blocks off Washington Avenue, something old has become new again.

Jesse Gallegos, John Avila and Veronica Avila posing for a photo
— Matt Dulin

El Burro & the Bull Podcast

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John and Veronica Avila, owners of El Burro & the Bull and the Henderson & Kane General Store, talk to us this week about opening their new stand alone brick and mortar restaurant.

— Youtube